MSIX to App Attach

MSIX to WVD App Attach

Enable the Dynamic Delivery of Microsoft’s MSIX Applications to Windows Virtual Desktop & VMware App Volumes using MSIX – TO – VDM. You no longer need to maintain multiple master images for different applications or package all applications into a single Image. We make the process simple using MSIX and App Attach Layering technology.
MSIX App Attach

Why Choose MSIX to VDM?

Simplify application delivery and half the project time it takes to transition to MSIX App attach. No need for scripting and lengthy processes to implement. rapidly convert MSIX App Attach vdisks into App Volumes ready for use.

Leverage MISX – To – VDM’s disk mounting solution, that attaches the vdisk and registers applications centrally for smooth the logon experience. 

MSIX to VDM Architechture

How It Works

We simplify the process to help you migrate applications to MSIX App Attach and VMware App Volumes. 

Prepare for App Attach implementation

Create a VHD or VHDX disk

Inject the MSIX Application(S)

Deliver MSIX App Attach or Appvolumes 4


MSIX-to-VDM offers wide range of features out of the box including:
  • Creation of MSIX App Attach virtual disks
  • MSIX encryption / decryption
  • MSIX certificate extraction
  • MSIX package mass certificate replacement
  • VHD/VHDX disk formats
  • Repackage from MSIX App Attach disk to MSIX
  • App-v to MSIX Conversion
  • Support for MSIX App attach with VMware App Volumes 4
  • Mounting Application for the simple delivery of MSIX App Attach

What Our Clients are Saying

MSIX to VDM has removed the pain points of migrating customers to MSIX App Attach. Simple to use and rapidly speeds up the delivery time of projects as well as enabing us to use Microsoft’s Layering technology at ease.
Mathew Gailliers

EUC Consultant, Systech IT Solutions

MSIX to VDM greatly improves the way we approach application migration with its ability to group and deliver applications into the latest digital workspace & virtualisation technologies, slashing the time and resources required.
Nigel Woods

Business Development Manager – Apps2Digital

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